Intro to Python

Intro to Python
Fri, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, 4/14/17 – 5/19/17
42 Hours, $1095
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This course introduces the basic concepts and techniques of computer programming, using Python, the easy to use, powerful, and versatile programming language that is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. Students will design, code, and debug programs using Python, a general-purpose, cross-platform language with a clear, readable syntax that makes it an ideal introduction to the logic of programming. No prior knowledge of programming is necessary.


Introduction to Programming Languages
Python Basics
Variables and Operations
Control Structures
Repetition Structures
Functions and Modules
File Input and Output

About the Instructor

Eloi Ortega, the instructor for this course, teaches the popular Full Stack Web Development class at City Tech. He focus on the fundamentals of programming and design so that students can move from Front-End to Back-End web development with increasing confidence and skill.