Intro to UI/UX (User Interface/Experience Design)

Intro to UI/UX (User Interface/Experience Design)
CRS 207-SP18

Mon, Tues, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, 3/5/18 – 4/30/18 (No class 4/2)
48 hours, $1625
With an ever-increasing demand for user attention and user retention, User Interface and User Experience design sit at the very core of the human-centered design process for digital and analog products.
The UI/UX course digs in to an end user’s experience of a website or product. Students will learn to create a seamless, informational and delightful online environment that mitigates user frustration, promotes satisfying emotions, and triggers repeat use or a pleasant one-time experience. Excellent design thinking and multimedia design principles are at the core of UI/EX design, which aims to form a positive relationship between the end user and an online business.

Expectations and Learning Objectives – Learners will:

  1. Read journals and science-backed literature that demonstrate standard multimedia design principles.
  1. Write weekly reports or journal entries on UI/UX from a variety of digital tools and analog tools – from an ATM machine to a virtual reality environment
  2. Be able to articulate what works and what doesn’t work – and why.
  3. Develop vocabulary, present and defend ideas, and participate in weekly team critiques and discussions.
  4. Apply rigor and an iterative design research approach to prototypes that are designed in the class.
  5. Create rapid prototypes with code or rapid prototyping tools and write design documents that back design choices. The design documents should include:
  • Needs Assessment
  • Concept Description, Target Audience/Personas, Landscape Audits
  • Design framework backed by use cases and theory of mind literature
  • UX maps and UI mock-ups.

6. Produce analysis reports and critiques documents as part of a portfolio that demonstrates UI/UX principles