Our Instructors


Eloi Ortega
FullStack Web Development 16-Week Intensive


Eloy Ortega joined us in Fall 2016 as a Full Stack instructor. He brings a passion for technology, patience and creativity to teaching in the classroom. A 2010 graduate of FIT, he combines a strong sense of design and extensive knowledge of back end mechanics. With 10 years of experience in web development, he shares life-learned lessons to prepare his students for the industry. His joy comes from seeing his students work through complex problems and leveraging their newfound knowledge to solve them.

Thai-Duong Nguyen
Back-End Programming Languages & Code


City Tech Continuing Studies Center welcomes Al Olsen to our team of Tech instructors. Al is an instructional designer and full-stack web developer. He designs and codes web applications, instructional games and simulations for learning. His research goals are at the intersection of Learning Science, Human-Computer interactions (HCI), Biofeedback and Adaptive Learning systems. In addition to his duties as a Researcher, Al teaches web design courses at NYU and other schools in the NYC area.


Angel Leal
Web Design Fundamentals
Intro and Intermediate Web


Angel Leal has been a web developer for more than 10 years and worked as the City Tech Webmaster in the College’s Computer Information Services Department for the past 7 years. He brings passion for the craft of web design and an ability to communicate the fundamentals to beginning students.

Michael Uffer
Introduction to GIS Mapping


Michael Uffer has a great range of Tech experience, and has worked on a variety of large, content-oriented sites with clients including NYC/Department of City Planning, NYC/Department of Homeless Services, Urbitran Associates for NYMTC and for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) on a disaster management mapping project.

Debra Salomon
Photoshop QuickStart
Illustrator QuickStart


Debra brings more than 25 years of graphic, interior and web design experience to the classroom. Along with her role as a program specialist at City Tech Continuing Studies Center, she teaches introductory and advanced classes in Adobe Creative Suite at LaGuardia College, CUNY. and maintains a private design practice.